Performance is the ultimate objective of any business so it makes sense that achieving great performance can only improve the results you desire.  

At Fresh Thinking, our philosophy is simple, we focus on people to achieve great performance.  Our face2face and online HR solutions are designed to support and assist your organisation in engaging people which ultimately drives performance.  We also provide on and off-site workshops in pro-active line management to equip your management team with the knowledge and skills to understand the litigious and comprehensive area of employment law and how if affects the workplace which greatly helps in reducing the risk of heavy fines that can bring a business to its' knees.  We also provide mediation, coaching and mentoring services to fully complement and engage a successful workplace....   

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." ~ Leo Tolstoy



At Fresh Thinking, we specialise in workplace mediation and subscribe to the idea that unresolved conflict leads to disputes and costly legal battles.  We also believe that this can be prevented by proactive management and great policies that are properly implemented and utilised throughout the organisation. 

As Ireland is one of Europe’s most highly regulated environments in terms of employment law, we keep up-to-date, on the issues that may impact your business and work with your management team to implement effective preventative measures.

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At Fresh Thinking, we focus on best-fit for your business simply because our clients are usually small and medium sized workplaces where simple solutions offer tangible results and achieve the desired results.  We offer a monthly or annual based subscription which means you can focus on the core results while we focus on your most valuable assets. 

We believe having a HR function is quite alike having an insurance policy in so far as often the value is only seen when things go wrong.  Unfortunately, in today's litigious society, prevention is cheaper than cure.  Talk with us today about our cost effective subscritions or project based solutions which include access to our online members resources.




At Fresh Thinking, our philosophy is built on commitment and follow-through hence we are fully commited to Life-Long Learning (LLL). We offer a range of workshops which can be customised in-house or as an off the shelf package.  

All of our workshops are delivered in a practical way using a blended learning approach within a confidential environment that provides a valuable learning area depending on the groups williness to share experiences which is encouraged across the day.

Check out our upcomiing workshops at: http //www.freshthinking.ie/upcoming-events  or meet the team at: http //www.freshthinking.ie/who-we-are 



At Fresh Thinking, we are experts in change and are always perfecting ourselves hence we are well placed to work with you and your team to encourage individual, team and organisational performance through effective coaching, mentoring and counselling solutions that will not only create a trusting environment but develop an environment where only the best people will shine to success. 

Catherine Fitzsimons is an accredited coach, with a qualification in counselling and psychotherapy and a background in NLP and CBT.  Catherine has extensive experience in all areas of coaching and is trained in the area of domestic violence which can be an issue managers need to be aware of.